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Cockroaches can quickly become a menace, as they are fast-breeding insects that can survive in the most adverse conditions. Humidity and heat is their friend. It’s also fair to say that they have developed immunity against certain pesticides, which makes it hard to put an end to a severe infestation with a product bought over the counter.

This is why it’s wise to hire a trustworthy pest control company that can offer you guaranteed results and effective solutions.

Rodents, Rats & Mice

Rodents, Rats and Mice are sneaky creatures that can invade any property, whether it’s your home, office, school or restaurant. And even if they might look very cute and pet like to some people, mice actually pose a great danger to one’s health and property. They are renowned for eating through wiring and can cause fires.

The second you spot a rodent, rat or mouse or notice signs of an infestation, take immediate action, in order to avoid all the problems that these rodents can cause.


One may not think about spiders as your typical pest. Still, there are many people who don’t like the idea of the them strolling around their home uninvited. Generally, most spiders that you can find hanging from your sealing aren’t poisonous but there are types, like the white tailed spiders, for example, that you don’t want living in your property.

There are approximately 10,000 species of spiders found in the Australia and we have 10 of the most dangerous in the world.

Funnel Web (Sydney & Other) | Redback Spider | Trap Door Spider | White-Tailed Spider | Mouse Spider | Australian Tarantulas | Huntsman (not for being poisonous but from terror that they can cause) | Orb Weaver Spider | Recluse Spider

The presence of insects and other prey in your homes is a common reason for spiders to come inside. In such cases, it’s best to put the vacuum cleaner down and call in a professional to handle the arachnid situation for your own good.


Although ants are not your typical pest, as they are considered beneficial insects to our ecosystem, the little hard workers can infest our homes and cause problems, especially in the kitchen. At first, you may notice just a few of them scouting around and checking for available food sources. But sooner or later, you can expect the entire family to join them.

The ants that you’ll see in your home are not health-hazardous, but some species do bite if disturbed. Ants can also cause issues with the wiring – believe it or not, the crawling insects can actually chew through the plastic covering of a cable and create a potential fire hazard. And we are not quite done yet – if an ant colony settles behind the walls of your home, the moisture from their new nest can affect your household appliances.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should opt for a professional solution if you start seeing tiny ants walking around inside your property.


You could be de-fleaing your cat or dog on a regular basis and still have a flea infestation at home that has gotten out of hand. Why? There are two main reasons for this:

  • Flea eggs are difficult to kill – Eggs are not killed 100% by a standard pet treatment. They drop on the floor (your carpet, in between floor boards and in your pet’s bed), where they soon hatch. The young fleas jump back on the host – your unsuspected dog or cat, often, despite their flea collar.
  • You’re dealing with a secondary infestation – You’re unaware that a rodent family in your attic has brought fleas into your home.

Often, without a professional flea treatment and comprehensive control, the parasites will simply thrive and keep breeding. Oh and flea bites are awful to humans!

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are on the increase in recent years, due to their resistance against pesticides. The tiny critters can easily get a ride on your clothing or luggage and infest your home. The insects are notorious for their survival and hiding skills, which makes them difficult to deal with.

Hence, a timely expert bed bug treatment is a must to avoid serious health problems and put a stop to an infestation, going out of hand in no time. Pestfree Zone will deal with the problem.


Unlike most crawling pests, silverfish are not considered dangerous to a person’s health, as they do not bite or transmit diseases. However, they are still a pest, and if you are a victim of a silverfish infestation. Immediate action must be taken. They might not bite you or your family but silverfish can still cause some problems, such as:

  • Damage to your property;
  • Contaminating your food;
  • Damage to your belongings while they feast on various substances. Eg: clothing, linen, towels.

Don’t waste any time and leave the professionals take care of your silverfish problem!

General Household Pest

Pestfree Zone will inspect your domestic or commercial property (including hard-to-reach places) to determine the type of pest and level of infestation. This will help him choose the fastest and most effective treatment.

With advanced solutions to control pest activity, we can eliminate every last insect and rodent present at your premises. We offer same-day, emergency treatments depending on the pest type and level of infestation.

Pestfree Zone will block any accessible entry points as a final touch in order to prevent further intrusion. He will also give you a written report for the service done as well as some useful tips for future prevention.